TB BLOOD TEST An alternative to the tuberculin skin test (TST)

The QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube (QFT-G) is a blood test for use as an aid in diagnosing Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection (both latent tuberculosis infection and active tuberculosis disease). The test is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use with adult patients.

*What is a Quantiferon TB Blood Test?

The Quantiferon TB Blood Test is an FDA-approved blood test that screens for prior exposure to tuberculosis.

*Why is the Quantiferon TB Blood Test important?

The Quantiferon-TB Gold Test is a new alternative to the skin test. The test requires a single blood draw and can be done at the same time as other blood tests. It is a great alternative for people who test positive on the skin test but do not suspect they have active tuberculosis and want to avoid a chest x-ray.

*Who gets the Quantiferon TB Blood Test?

The QuantiFERON TB Blood Test is ordered by students working in healthcare settings, employees of healthcare companies who need to meet hospital, RepTrax, and Vendormate compliance requirements, and people who are simply interested.

*What if I tested positive to a TB skin test previously?

The Quantiferon TB Blood Test is useful for people who have tested positively on a TB skin test. Rather than getting a chest x-ray, you can use this test to differentiate between a false positive and a false negative skin test.

*What do my Quantiferon TB Blood Test results mean?

A positive or indeterminate result typically means that you will need to get a chest x-ray to confirm that you do not have active tuberculosis. A negative result typically means that you will not need further imaging. Results typically take 3-4 days from the time the lab receives specimen from collection site.(typically 4-5 business days after collection) 


CHEST XRAY                                               

While a chest radiograph is useful when evaluating someone for active TB disease, it does not identify TB infection.

A TB test can indicate if someone has been infected. - ONLY OCCUPATIONAL CLINIC LOCATIONS PROVIDE TB CHEST XRAYS.

HERE IS A PARTIAL LIST OF POPULAR TESTS- For a complete list of tests go here - 

Check Your B-12 Levels

This Vitamin B12 test may be used to determine B12 Vitamin deficiency and anemia. Vitamin B12 deficiency may be caused by malnutrition, mal-absorption disorders such as Celiac disease, increased loss due to kidney or liver diseases and increased need due to pregnancy.

Health Starter Panel

  • A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia. A complete blood count test measures several components and features of your blood, including: Red blood cells, which carry oxygen.

  • CMP- A comprehensive metabolic panel is a blood test that measures your sugar (glucose) level, electrolyte and fluid balance, kidney function, and liver function. Glucose is a type of sugar your body uses for energy. Electrolytes keep your body's fluids in balance.

  • Lipid - Lipid profile or lipid panel is a panel of blood tests that serves as an initial broad medical screening tool for abnormalities in lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

  • A1c - provides an average of your blood sugar control over the past 2 to 3 months and can be used to monitor blood sugar, help test for diabetes or to tell how well diabetes is being managed.  


Comprehensive STD Panel Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV, Herpes, Hep B & C                

The Comprehensive STD Panel (urine and blood) tests for several sexually transmitted diseases at the same time at one low price, including HIV, Syphilis, Herpes I and II, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hep B and C.

If you’ve had unprotected sex and notice unusual symptoms, you could be infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Even if you don’t have any visible symptoms, it’s possible to have an STD and spread it to another person.
If you engage in risky behavior (unsafe sex), it is recommended that you get tested frequently to prevent transmission to others. If there’s a chance you’ve been exposed to an STD, it’s critical to find out as soon as possible.

Blood Tests and Xrays 

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Use The Code " Results " at checkout for Special Savings!
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